Office: R915A
Tel: (02) 705-8495
Fax: (02) 704-8273


       Network Systems Lab
       Department of Computer Science and Engineering
       Sogang University
       1 Shinsu-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-742, Republic of Korea

           I am currently doing research in the areas listed below
        1. Wireless and wired networking, including cellular networks, wireless mesh networks, and sensor networks: network selection algorithm, adaptive multicast scheme           in 802.16e/WiBro
        2. Network security, including hierarchical security architecture in the home network, VoIP security, and anonymous routing in ad hoc network: hierarchical security
          architecture in home network
        3. RFID (Radio frequency identification) applications including location identification and green u-bike: green u-bike application software architecture

           I have a plan to form a research group that professors with different expertise will participate in. Students who join the group will have a wonderful opportunity in
          selecting research topics in the areas such as the wireless and wired networks, network security, information theory and its applications, ubiquitous sensor networks,
          and green IT including smart grid.

           Ideas will be shared among professors and students through weekly meetings.

             JCCI (Joint Conf. on Communications and Information)